Online Matchmaking at Zorg & facility

At this event, you have access to the online matchmaking platform of Swapcard. In this platform, a profile of yours is visible to other registered attendees, participating exhibitors, and session providers. This profile includes your name, email address, job title, and the company where you work, as provided during your registration for the event. This allows you to easily make connections, network, and initiate appointments before, during, and after the event. You, of course, have the autonomy to take the initiative, respond to invitations from others, and decide with whom you ultimately share your contact information.

You can update, modify, or delete your profile/account at any time in the online matchmaking platform of Swapcard.

Sharing with others

You can register for seminars, presentations, and/or workshops during Zorg & facility for free through Swapcard’s online matchmaking platform. You’ll then have the option to attend the respective session live during Zorg & facility at the Jaarbeurs venue, or if offered, you can view the session online remotely and access it for later viewing.

If you register to attend a session, Jaarbeurs will share your registration details (including contact information) with the provider of that specific session.

If you haven’t initially registered for a session but decide to attend one during your live visit to Zorg & ict at Jaarbeurs and have your badge scanned by the provider/exhibitor of that session, your registration details (including contact information) will be shared with them.

Consent to be contacted by session provider(s)

By registering for one or more sessions or by having your badge scanned during your visit, you are consenting to allow the provider of that session to contact you (including via email) for information related to that specific topic and about their products and/or services. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time directly with the respective provider.

Privacy statement of Jaarbeurs

Would you like to know more about how Jaarbeurs handles your personal data?

Click here for our privacy statement