April 9th to 11th, 2024.


Jaarbeurs │ Utrecht

Zorg & facility - tientallen interessante keynotes en best practises door sprekers op de Mainstage facility

Facility Mainstage

In this event, well-known speakers share their knowledge and perspectives on current topics for three days, and you can attend dozens of informative and interesting keynotes. Jaap Jongbloed is the moderator and leads the program, with a daily changing theme.

You are guaranteed to go home inspired and informed!


More about the themes

Tuesday, April 9th – Person-Centered Care

On Tuesday, everything on the Facility Mainstage revolves around the theme ‘person-centered care.’

Michael Kortekaas kicks off the day. He is an inspiration in the field of workplace happiness, leadership, and mental resilience. Attend his presentation and start your day with practical tools and insights that you can use to change habits, both at work and at home.

Additionally, Jos Nijhof, the Director of Facility at Martini Hospital Groningen, will take the stage.


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Wednesday, April 10th – Efficient Care

On Wednesday, the central theme is ‘efficient care’ at the Facility Mainstage.

Eva Eikhout opens the day in her own unique way. Despite missing a significant portion of her arms and legs, Eikhout doesn’t let that stop her from doing exactly what she wants. As a program maker and presenter, she skillfully addresses societal issues with humor. She’s had experience with healthcare throughout her entire life and has built a team of caregivers around her, whom she personally selected.

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Thursday, April 11th – Sustainable Care

On Thursday, the Facility Mainstage is entirely dedicated to ‘Sustainable Care.’

Learn from a green pioneer like Niek Sperna Weiland and Talitha Hoppe.

Niek is an Anesthesiologist at the AMC and a member of the Green team in the operating room.

Talitha is a surgical assistant and coordinator of the Green team at the OLVG, constantly seeking opportunities to make healthcare more sustainable. She inspires healthcare professionals throughout the country.


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