April 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2026


Jaarbeurs │ Utrecht

Theme 'Fit for the future'

Healthcare organizations face the tremendous challenge of providing appropriate care to an increasing number of patients and clients with fewer resources and budgets. Doing so efficiently, with a focus on individuals and sustainability, including facility-related matters, is crucial. Healthcare professionals and suppliers need to join forces because we can only become ‘fit for the future’ together!

Come to Zorg & facility from April 14th to 16th, 2026, at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Explore innovations, products, and services in the areas of security, project furnishing & housing, cleaning, clothing and textiles, assistive tools, and kitchen setup.


Topics Zorg & facility

Efficient care

Delivering more care with fewer staff is only possible if, as a healthcare professional, you can always access the goods and services you need anytime and anywhere. This ensures that no valuable time is lost. Additionally, the well-being of staff is a priority. How do you ensure that employees are vital and do not experience burnout? Come to Zorg & facility for plenty of innovations and inspiration.

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Sustainable care

In healthcare, environmental impact must also be reduced. This applies to buildings and furnishings, as well as to cleaning and aids. How do you reduce waste and emissions? And how do you prevent wastage? Come to Zorg & facility for innovations and inspiration to take the step towards sustainability and circularity. Learn from green pioneers.


Persoonsgerichte zorg, een topic tijdens Zorg & ict 2024 van 9 t/m 11 april in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

Person centered care

The one-size-fits-all approach in healthcare no longer exists. Every patient or client should feel at home in a healthcare institution. This is not achieved with standard solutions but in a healing environment that accommodates everyone’s wishes and needs. It’s a place where healthcare workers remain vital and resilient. Come to Zorg & facility for innovations and inspiration.


Products and services on Zorg & facility

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Patients, clients, and employees want to feel safe and welcomed in healthcare organizations. Additionally, valuable equipment requires protection against theft. Explore the innovations in surveillance, access control, and key management at Zorg & facility. What role can security personnel play, and where are cameras appropriately placed?

Project furnishing & housing

Sustainable healthcare depends on sustainable buildings. Come to Zorg & facility for innovations and inspiration on making buildings more sustainable. What possibilities exist for energy conservation? And how do you choose sustainable furnishings? Explore at Zorg & facility how a healing environment contributes to person-centered care.

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While there is an increasingly limited availability of personnel, the demands on cleanliness are rising. This is not only for the well-being of patients and clients but also to ensure their safety. Operating rooms and materials must be perfectly sterile at all times, and outbreak control must be flawless. Sustainable healthcare also scrutinizes cleaning practices critically. Come to Zorg & facility and see how environmentally friendly cleaning products contribute to a safe, clean, and comfortable environment where a patient or client feels at home.

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Clothing and Textile

The ideal healthcare worker doesn’t exist, and neither does the ideal workwear. Come to Zorg & facility for innovation and inspiration in the realm of comfortable, representative, and sustainable workwear. Explore the trends and developments in areas such as bedding and towels as well.


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Assistive tools

From relaxing devices to reduce stress in patients and clients to an activity table for clients with dementia; explore the latest tools at Zorg & facility. What really works? Visit the exhibitors at Zorg & facility before investing in aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, beds, and more. Learn from the knowledge sessions at Zorg & Facility. Gain inspiration for optimal comfort for patients. And explore solutions that reduce physical strain and workload for healthcare workers.


Kitchen Setup

Elevate the dining moments in your healthcare organization to a highlight of the day. Good nutrition contributes to the recovery of patients in hospitals. For clients in long-term care, healthy and delicious food enhances well-being. To provide patients, clients, visitors, and staff with the desired nutrition at any time, a state-of-the-art kitchen setup is essential. Explore innovations at Zorg & facility and gather inspiration for sustainable, person-centered, and efficient care with fitting kitchen design.